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Breaking the Ice- Onboarding Gifts

Nearly every company has an onboarding program, but it’s important to create an onboarding experience that puts new employees on the path to long-term success at your organization.

There's more to onboarding than "Where do I sit?" It's about culture. It's about social connection. It's about helping new employees become productive team members. And it's about delivering on the brand promise you made when you hired them.

Few research facts that are eye openers

  1. SHRM’s 2022 Global Culture Research Report found that a whopping 87% of employees who rated their workplace culture poorly indicated that their company does not care about them.

  2. About 31% of new employees leave their jobs within their first six months of employment. Many a times, a negative onboarding experience is to blame for these early departures.

  3. As per the Gallup report, employees who have an exceptional onboarding experience are 2.6 times more likely to be extremely satisfied with their workplace.

  4. A Talmundo and Vlerick study found that a staggering 43% of new hires are without their core work tools for more than a week, which results in productivity plummeting.

It is a quite fair idea to gift some unique joining kits to the new employees as stronger employee engagement has the following benefits

  • Tangible Hospitality Provides a Warm Welcome

  • Makes Personal Connections

  • Acts as an Ice Breaker

  • Promotes a Strong Company Culture

  • Reduces Employee Turnover

  • Shows Employee Appreciation

  • Improves Employee Performance and Productivity

Let’s dive into some welcome kit ideas ideal for new employees:

1. Customizable Joinee Kit- Extend a warm welcome to the new joinees . Customisable : YES

2. Delightful Gift Box-Offer your appreciation and recognition through thoughtful items in this gift set. Customisable : YES

3. Employee Starter Pack- The starter pack has all the essentials and nice-to-have items that are hand-picked for maximum efficiency and productivity at work.Customisable : YES

4. Eco-friendly Gift Set- Convey your company values right from the beginning of their journey. Customisable : YES

5. Morale Boosting Gift Set- Help them feel welcomed and appreciated right from the first day.Customisable : YES

6. Rejuvenating Gift Set- Gear them for a comfortable and smooth transition into their new roles.Customisable : YES

7. Work-From-Home Gift Set- If your employees are on a work from home module , this pack is a great way to take care of their essentials at work.Customisable : YES

8. Happiness Welcome Kit- Strike the right chord with the pack of essentials and delectable goodies .Customisable : YES

Welcome kits can help organizations excite and smoothen the onboarding process for new employees. On receiving thoughtful gifts on their first day at work, new joinees feel welcomed and comfortable in a new environment. It is a perfect ice-breaker to bond with your employees.

Need help in planning or selecting the right corporate gifts? Visit us at or write to us on and we we will help in curating your hamper as per your need and budget


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