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How to brand your corporate gift box

Updated: May 3, 2023

Corporate gifting is equally impactful to the internal and external ecosystem as it immediately creates an emotional connection between the recipient and the company.

A gift reflects that the company and its management is willing to go that extra mile to express gratitude, appreciation, motivation to its employees, clients or partners and thus helps in creating a meaningful point of connection. As much as the gift is required to convey emotions, it also needs to reinforce the company’s brand values.

Here I will take you through 6 simple ways to brand your corporate gifts.

1. Products

Be an onboarding kit for the employees or a thank you gift to client, an ensemble of curated products goes into making of a gift box. All of them or a few could carry the company’s branding. Branding on mugs , bottles , notebooks , powerbanks etc are common corporate gift items. The experience can be stepped up with custom branded chocolates/cookies or have the outer packaging of the edibles, branded with the company logo.

Custom Branded Cookies & Chocolates

2. Butter Paper

In our gift hampers, we use a butter paper/tissue paper to hold the products. This helps in keeping them intact inside the box and elevates the unboxing experience. You can brand these papers and make the unboxing even more beautiful

Images from google

3. Stickers

We also use a sticker to hold the edges of the butter paper which could be another great medium to place the company’s brand logo or message. A normal sticker might be insignificant, but a customised sticker will grab the eyeballs.

4. Ribbons

These are pretty things that makes any product look like a gift. For anyone opening a ribbon wrapped on a gift box, builds up an air of expectation and at the same time gives a feeling of childlike joy. These ribbons can also be a great medium for branding and add that “wow” factor in your customised gift box.

5. Notecards

Adding the message, either in a printed or handwritten format, extends a personal touch to the gift. Branding the notecard with the logo and the brand colours, adds that extra zing to the whole experience.

6. Box

Last but not the least, the gift box itself can be converted into the brand ambassador. There are several ways to brand them depending on timelines, budgets, and minimum quantities.

Branding is an integral part of corporate gifting, but balance is the key. A gift should convey your brand message but should not end up looking like an advertisement poster. An overkill with branding just because you want to make a stronger impact will dilute the emotional aspect which is the key to any gifting.

We at Jadoo Magic over the years have perfected this balancing act in making a perfect curated gift box to give you a seamless gifting experience .


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