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Corporate Event Gifts With The Fastest Turned Around

We recently completed these corporate event gifts for our client Lenskart . A customer who wanted them as giveaways for their annual company retreat “Hall of Frames”. When they reached out to us with a target to deliver the gifts in a day’s time, our first reaction was a “Yes” but to be honest there was a cascade of various emotions, joy, nervousness, and fear. We discussed internally and took up this challenge.

The customer's ask was to be able to present goodie bags to all the attendees of the event. They wanted the items to be branded and budget friendly.

Step one was to finalize the concept and shortlist the products basis client's budget, quick availability and customization options. Once done and approved by the client, it was followed by procurement of the items from various sources while ensuring that quality was not compromised at all. Then was the mammoth task of packing each goodie bag and the finally deliver them at the venue of the event by 7.30 in the morning.

Lets peep into the what went inside the goodie bag : A Customized Ceramic Mug, A Customized Fridge Magnet, A Customized Healthy Treat.

We decided on a simple brown Kraft paper bag and as a finishing touch we added the dash of color with the tissue paper in blue which is their brand color. Each goodie bag also contained branded a customized notecard with the company message. These were complemented with a white ribbon to stand out with the brown bag and the blue tissue, making it a complete collection in their brand color scheme.

The team worked nonstop through day and the whole of the night on field and at the warehouse to get the goodie bags ready and as we started rejoicing our achievement, we hit a roadblock. That night saw a severe thunderstorm and rains and our transport partner who was supposed to arrange for the vehicle for dispatch backed out. In the middle of the night, as the world slept, we couldn’t reach out to any alternate option and the clock just didn’t stop ticking. We were faced with a herculean task of transferring 500 goodie bags which couldn’t be stacked on top of each other due to the tissue paper presentation, which effectively meant that we needed a big vehicle with a lot of space.

We had to act fast, so we decided on doing several rounds with the 2 cars available with us (we lost track of how many rounds the cars made). But challenges just wouldn’t cease as we are told by the hotel authorities that there would be no help from their end. So, our team had to physically carry all the 500 goodie bags to the designated location inside the venue from the parking lot. It was nightmarish but have you ever heard of a nightmare which at the end of it brings smiles on the face? It did for us! Once the last lot of goodie bags was delivered at the location, our team was elated. .

It was a huge achievement for a small business entrepreneur with a small team and I personally thank each and every person, right from the vendors, employees, packers, and drivers who made this possible. With this happy ending let’s share few images from the event . Check out the sea of blues all around at the event

We hope you enjoyed reading about our experience! If you're a corporate event planner or just curious about our unique design process, you can connect with us either on email, WhatsApp or on a call.


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