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5 Uber Cool Father’s Day Gift Ideas

This Father’s Day let’s celebrate not just dads but all father figures in our life.

A father figure is someone who is your role model, your caretaker, biggest cheer leader and strongest critic. Someone who teaches you, hand holds, motivates, and supports you. He could be your teacher, grand dad, uncle, mentor, coach or even your boss!

Here are some ideas that will help you narrow down your search and get an apt present for your dad.

Someone who loves to hustle

Set his morning right with this sleek gift curation. Includes everything right from a planner, travel sipper, key chain , pen and an on-the-go snack to help him seize the day.

Someone who loves to dress up

This gift box is meant for your suave and the sophisticated father figure. Set this evening right and get him party ready with a silk pocket square, travel perfume set and matching socks.

Someone who maintains work life balance

To the lovable person who gives his 100% to both work and family. A photo frame with his family pic and a wallet symbolizes the balance this alpha male maintains in his life.

Tell him you idolize him as your hero!

Someone who thrives on coffee

He can take on the world, all he needs is a sip of his coffee. Be it your father, boss or coach, this simplistic gift screams coffee and will bring a smile to his face.

Someone who is mindful

He is the regular guy with a difference! He actively goes the extra mile in being socially responsible & environmentally friendly. This curation with both sustainable and functional products will show how well you know him. Your thoughtfulness will steal his heart.

Hope these gifting ideas will help you in choosing your gift this Father’s Day! Go ahead and surprise him this year !


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