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Gifting ideas for the Man in your life

Let’s face the truth! Most of you find it difficult to buy gifts for men, primarily as men are usually not vocal about their choices. And if you come right out and ask them what they want, nine times of ten you will get a “Uhh, I don’t need anything” as a response, which brings you right back to the drawing board. So, lets help you with different kinds of gifts to suit all shades of men 😊

Formal Gifts

Some gifts need to be formal, as it might be for your boss, your dad or maybe a client. Such gifts are not too difficult to find, but then why settle for a mundane gift. Try something creative! Our curated gift boxes Dapper and You are the man are unique and formal at the same time.

Grooming Gifts

Beauty and grooming are not a women thing anymore. Today’s men indulge in spa and personal care. Try our Dapper II and Self Care-Him and send some pamper wishes.

Bar Friendly Gifts

When in doubt, head for something which most men are fond of ,"The Bar!" ( no offence to all those you are into mocktails, juices and tea). Here goes our offering Golf Bar Kit, Bar Essentials, Don’t Worry Beer Happy, Love you Him.

Quirky Gifts

Not sure what to get the guy friend in your life who’s a total badass? He could be your buddy, classmate, colleague or your fun-loving boyfriend. A cool gift for the raddest guy around. Avengers Assemble, True Friend, Dangerously in Love, Dosti

Work From Home Gifts

This is the latest normal and guess we all have got used to it too. Something to help him keep going at his desk while he is busy with zoom meetings. Our Mod Man and Coffee First are perfect for such situations and make a great gift.

Functional Gifts

Some gifts are neither too formal nor quirky. These are for those men in your life who like things simple and classy but at the same time have a fun side to them. These can be tricky, but we have got you covered for those too. Check our Man of Wisdom and Royal Blues.

Classy Gifts

Last but not the least, timeless gifts that last forever. Personalized Wine Glasses with his name and initials is what makes it special and adds the thoughtful factor.

We hope this guide has been a huge help but if you are still riding the man-gift struggle bus, perhaps the perfect gift is hiding in our Pre-Designed Gift Shop!

Happy shopping from all of us here at Jadoo Magic!


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