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Gift ideas for the New Year

With 2023 kicking off, it’s time for new promises, fresh resolutions and renewed hope to make the best of this year. We usually end the year with appreciation & gratitude gifts, thanking people for their support. Why not start the year motivating and inspiring your loved ones with a gift? A thoughtful gift any day has a more lasting impact than mere words.

Here are a few gift ideas for various people around you

New Year with new goals and targets? How do you keep your teams at work place focussed and inspired? Well, this kit is a great place to start because a simple gesture goes a long way.

Know someone for whom last year wasn’t a great one? This ensemble has all that they need to take on the road ahead by looking at the brighter side of life.

Encourage your loved one who is gearing to start their own business venture. Know of an aspiring entrepreneur? This could just be the ideal gift to keep them grounded right at the beginning of the year and wish them luck.

Be it the start of his college session or her first day at the job, they just need a pat on their back to keep them going the entire year. Remind them that you are always by their side in each step, as they work ahead to achieve their goals.

A perfect on-boarding gift for your new employees! From starting their day with coffee to ending it with sweet treats and everything in between. This one is apt to make them feel comfortable in a new office setup priming them for an exciting journey.

Encourage him to stay fit! This gift box has all the right ingredients, an insulated sipper for his gym, bright socks, healthy bites and a body spray to keep him feeling fresh throughout. Isn’t that a great motivator?

Inspire her to follow her passion of baking! Don’t tell her as she has heard this several times before, just send her this gift box and your message is delivered loud and clear.

And this one which is both gender and age neutral is a simple thoughtful way to convey your love, gratitude and admiration.

There are numerous ways to convey your message to your loved ones and there could be endless combinations of gifts that can help you in making an impact. Peep into our “New Year Cheers” collection and you can find many more curated options or you can also tailormake in "Make Your Own Box" section to suit your requirements.

Your gesture in the form of a thoughtful gift is sure to spread a lot of cheers this season!


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