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Rising Beyond: My Journey Through 2023

A year passed by ! I look back and find myself on a rollercoaster of experiences, a journey marked by peaks and valleys, successes and setbacks. This year has been a vivid tapestry of personal and professional endeavours, each thread woven with the colours of growth, resilience, and self-discovery.

The trailhead of this remarkable year began with the crunch of gravel beneath my boots, the crisp mountain air, and the promise of adventure. A personal triumph that echoes in my heart is the successful completion of a challenging trekking expedition. Scaling peaks and navigating the untamed wilderness not only tested my physical limits but also unearthed a profound sense of accomplishment and confidence.

In the realm of the professional, the echoes of success reverberated as we clinched the largest order volume of 8000 gift hampers with a new corporate partner, the largest till date in my current small business journey. The dance of negotiations, the art of persuasion, and the culmination of efforts along with my team resulted in a triumph that has undoubtedly paved new avenues for growth and collaboration in the coming years.

We added many new clients to our kitty , some big names like the Bank Of Baroda , Being a prestigious corporate order , it also tested our efficiency in terms of time management , logistics and quality control.

Well known in the academic industry, clients like the RPS School were another prestigious name added to our list.

We dived into a new segment, the publication industry joining hands with Shristi Publications and WH Smith with the physical presence of our Valentine gift hampers in all the WH retail outlets(our first presence in an offline retail store)

We expanded our horizons and set foot into the Wedding Gifts vertical.

Although our festive season wasn’t as expected, but it didn’t demotivate us nor stop us from challenging ourselves.

We picked up an exciting task of creating corporate gift hampers on the Bollywood theme for our existing client Motilal Oswal. It wasn’t a cake walk as we had to be extremely creative yet adhere to corporate guidelines, but our team manged to create magic all over again . And yes, these gift hampers were highly appreciated by the recipients.

We ended the year with a fabulous exhibition at the Italian Embassy of Delhi .The high appreciation and boost we recevied from everyone there ,played a vital role in paving our path for 2024.

Eventful as it can be, I shifted to a bigger and better office space, started hiring professional help for photography (honestly it was huge step as till date I was doing it myself to restrict costs), took some tough decisions in the business for its betterment, invested on better logistics and quality packaging.

However, no journey is without its share of storm clouds. The lessons were hard-earned: struggling with health conditions, decoding the nuances of running a small business, and realizing that setbacks are merely setups for comebacks.

The journey through 2023 has sculpted me into a person of newfound zeal, armed with the courage to face the unknown, and the determination to turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones. 

On the personal front I have learnt to respect my own physical and mental health. Most importantly learnt to reconnect with #mypeople

On my professional front, I have learnt to be patient and discovered the courage within to fight against the gravity of doubt and adversity. #apnatimeaayga

2023 for me ,is a testament to the fact that the journey is as important as the destination. Learnings are as important as the achievements. As I turn the page to a new year, I do so with a heart full of gratitude towards my family , my Jadoo Magic office team and all my friends who have supported me during each of my missions, be it the trek or running the business.

Bring it on 2024 !!


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