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Still wondering what to gift this Diwali or are you confused on what to pick for the hostess when invited for a house party ? our "Prakash" gift box suits all occasions  be it a festival, wedding return favours, gift for the hostess or a client gift.


SKU: JM645

Brass Enameled Lotus Shaped Diya- Colored- 2 pcs

Fragrance Wax Filled Teracotta Diya with Dry Flowers( Pack of 12) 

Coated Crispy Treat Pineapple 50gms

Nutraj Pista InShell Roasted & Salted 100 Gms

Inscence Sticks - 40 Sticks/pack Forest Wood

Reusable Trunk Style Gift Box

Note Card of your choice with hand written message


Packaged in our exclusive Dress Trunk Box with Transperent Sheet Top Lid( 14x10x3.5"). They are beautiful, sturdy, and reusable and coordinated with a satin ribbon. Each curated box ships as a gift, with a greeting card and without any pricing information. We hope your Jadoo box is enjoyed for years to come.



Write to us on for bulk orders  or WhatsApp us on +91 7217670240 and our team will get back to you with details 

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