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Your look out to satisfy for Mid-day or Midnight Cravings has come to and end , with our "Cravings" hamper which skillfully combines popcorn, nutella wafers and chocolate syrup for the ultimate snack experience. This gift box can be enjoyed literally by all age groups and is perfect for birthdays, employees, colleagues and definately for netflix lovers that enjoy a binge.


SKU: JM676

American Garden Popcorn Cheese Flavour 273 gm

Nutella 350 gms

Hersheys Syrup Chocolate Flavour 623gms

Wafer Biscuit Crunchy & Cream 150gms

Reusable Gift Box

Note Card of your choice with hand written message


Packaged in our red colored top bottom gift box( 10x10x4.5"). They are beautiful, sturdy, and reusable and coordinated with a satin ribbon. Each curated box ships as a gift, with a greeting card and without any pricing information. We hope your Jadoo box is enjoyed for years to come.



Write to us on for bulk orders and customisation. You can also WhatsApp us on +91 7217670240 and our team will get back to you with details 

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