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Cheer Up Your Kids in Lock Down

This pandemic has been and is continuing to be difficult for all. Amidst all the challenges, negativity, and despair, the worst affected are the kids. Its heart breaking to see our children struggle every day in the confines of 4 walls of their homes. What makes it harder that either they are unable to articulate their feelings, or they are expected to accept the situation and behave as if all is well.

The shift to online classes with its consequent effect on physical connect is over whelming, coupled with the fact that they are now unable to meet their friends, enjoy the playground, visit grandparents, or go for a vacation makes it even more frustrating.

As parents and as a society we owe a responsibility to keep them safe, but it’s also up to us to let them enjoy their childhood. Although most of us are struggling with the work from home pressures, issues of uncertainty and health concern of near and dear ones, but we also need to spare a little time playing and talking with our kids and making them a bit more comfortable during these tough circumstances.

Sharing few ideas as a parent :

1) Engage them in physical game activities like Tic-Tac-Toe, Ludo , Snake & Ladder, Uno.

2) Involve craft, drawing, and creative writing in their routine without making it look like a school project . Get some interesting notebooks, pencils, sketch pens to make the activities fun.

3) They are unable to attend their friend’s birthday parties or even host their own. Surprise them with gifts! Birthday or No birthday … who doesn’t like gifts? Keep the gifts different from the mundane ones. P.S( do not spoil them with expensive ones).

4) They must be missing school and for sure the naughty classroom fun. Simulate a similar atmosphere, so that they do not miss those days too badly. Add a cute water bottle, tiffin box, pencil box, colorful erasers, slime jars , all things they loved carrying & flaunting when they went to school.

5) It has been a long time since we all watched a movie in the theatre. We sorely miss sipping drinks, munching popcorn, and then later finishing the day with a lunch or dinner. Create a similar atmosphere at home once in a month at least, watch movies together with all the requisites for a perfect blockbuster movie day out.

6) Teach them gardening and let them water plants and prune them. In this process they learn a lot about flowers and plants that they would find difficult to remember when they are mugging for their examinations.

7) Involve children in your kitchen activities … this not only allows you to spend more time with them and also teaches them this basic life skill while being on the job. Assist them as they bake by themselves and then take pride in sharing the same on a video call with the other family members or their classmates. You will be surprised to see how well they remember weights & measures!

So, the best way to survive the Lockdown is to try and be happy ourselves and then put in small efforts to cheer up our kids.

Lets do our bit in creating some magic to drive away the blues of this pandemic lock down


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