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Discover the joy of effortless gardening with Jadoo Magic's Microgreen Starter Kit! This self-watering plant pot comes with its own microgreens starter kit, making it ideal for both beginners and busy individuals. You just have to water it once a week, and its unique sub-irrigation mechanism automatically waters your plant for you! Perfect if you’re the forgetful kind or if you are away travelling for a few days. Cultivate fresh, nutrient-packed microgreens in your own home with ease and convenience!

Perfect for your office desk or your kitchen top!

Microgreen Starter Kit


Microgreen Starter Kit- 8cmx7.5cm, water capacity 75ml

Revolutionary modern style plant pot with a unique mechanism that is designed to water your plants on it own. It also comes with its very own micro greens starter kit that allows you to grow succulents right out of the box


All you have to do is just water the plant once a week. The water chamber has special grooves that allows the plant to drink at its own pace. It comes with a water level indicator that visually shows caregivers when it is time to replenish the water reservoir.

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