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Himalayan Honey is a blend of nectars from a range of hand-picked flowers, exuding the goodness and the purity of the Himalayas. Premium, unadulterated, and 100% pure Himalayan honey - just the way you like it! Each twig is a teaspoon (8g),and is your perfect mess-free sweetener, go ahead and replace the table sugar in your everyday use.




Best Paired with:

1. Start your day with warm water, a dash of lemon and our Himalyan Honey
2. Tea and honey a match made in heaven, have it green tea or black, choice is yours
3. A drizzle/ dollop on your brekafast cereal, toast or your pancake
4. Top your bowl of fruits, smoothie or use it fix any other sweet craving

Honey Twigs Himalayan Honey



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