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When was the last time you said, “I Love you Mom”?

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

As Mother’s Day approaches, many of us find ourselves shifting between the joy of meeting our mothers, and the pain of no longer having them with us. I lost my mother to cancer 5 years back, but her fond memories keep on motivating and encouraging me to be the person that she wanted me to be.

Till date, I speak to her photo that sits on my altar, say “Bye” to her when I start from home, ensure to say “Goodnight” and “I love you” almost every night and something tells me that she smiles back at me.

Some might think, I am crazy but honestly, I am making up for my wrong. I should have told her “I love you” more frequently when she was around. Juggling between family, kid, work pressure, socializing and most importantly ,taking her presence for granted, never made me say those magic words to her as many times as I should have.

Sometimes speaking makes the emotion multifold.

Sometimes a small gift makes your mother feel acknowledged.

I can vouch for these as I am a mother myself.

As a mother, we don’t expect appreciation nor gratitude, but when it comes our way from our children without we asking for it … Believe me it’s a feeling, no words can describe.

So, this Mother’s Day, make an extra effort to say I love you in your own way, make her feel special, show gratitude for her selfless love. You might be near her or miles away, but you can touch her heart with a small gesture. Send her a gift (value does not matter, it can also be handmade by you) as a token of love, respect and appreciation.

See the MAGIC unfold!

Happy Mother’s Day!


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