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What makes a good Corporate Gift

Whether it’s a birthday gift, a Diwali hamper, or a congratulations gift, who doesn’t love being on the receiving end of gift-giving?

Corporate gifting has become increasingly popular in the recent years, and it's hard to deny the positive impact that gifts have on business relationships. A thoughtful gift goes a long way towards making your partners, employees, and clients feel special. At the end of the day, these connections and relationships are a crucial part of running a successful business. The more you invest now in nurturing these relationships, the more likely you are to achieve better business results in the long term.

Gift shopping can be tough, even when it is for someone whom you know like the back of your hand. One can imagine how much harder this exercise when trying to do it for your professional acquaintances.

Here are our take aways on how to make a good corporate gifting

To Brand or Not to Brand

It’s a critical and tricky parameter. We have said this before, and we would emphasize again. Branding is an integral part of corporate gifting, but balance is the key. A gift should convey your brand message but should not end up looking like an advertisement poster and compromise its “useability factor”.

These gifts for Azugas' women executives for Women’s day are a perfect example of the balance — the logo was incorporated on the exterior packaging, but also on just one product in the gift box: a personalized and branded planner with inbuilt powerbank!

Curate a Story

Corporate gifts are all about investing time and effort. Your employee, partner or client will be wowed only when they feel that you’ve gone above and beyond to come up with this special gift. Your gift should NOT look like some random products put together but should reflect an aesthetic story. Follow a theme, don’t be afraid to try new ideas and definitely stick to the brand colours.

Our gift boxes for DPS event giveaways are simple , classy and with a cohesive brand story

Include a Personalised Notecard

It’s a subtle reminder to the receiver that “you are valued”. Your gift will be cherished but card with a thoughtful message will be treasured and become a memory.

Perfect example are the notecards by Lenskart which has a message from the founder . Now which new joinee wouldn’t like to have a card from the founder himself welcoming him ?

Add Some Delicious Goodies

There’s nothing better than opening a gift box and indulging in an unexpected treat! Cookies, chocolates, chips are among the most popular snacks to include. Lately we have received a lot of requests to add heathy snacks. No matter what, you really can’t go wrong with food – after all, it’s the simplest way to anyone's heart!

Incorporate a Premium Keepsake

Stay top of mind even after the snacks are eaten by adding some high-quality keepsake product. These can be functional items like insulated bottles, laptop sleeves or tech products like Bluetooth speakers, smart watches, or headphones. These items will be valued and will remind them about you every time they use these products. Wasn’t that the intention of giving the gift in the first place?

These gifts from Triaja Verification Services along with a popular brand blue tooth speaker provided a balanced combination of products.

And these gifts from Cloud Vandana went two notches above the moment a smart watch was added to the ensemble.

The significance of branded corporate gifting cannot be ignored. But the efforts required to research, finding the perfect corporate gift item, ordering it in bulk, keeping track of the production, quality checking to ensure perfection — it sounds like a daunting task, doesn’t it?

Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. Jadoo Magic is the perfect partner for all your corporate gifting needs. We present ourselves as a one-stop solution for creative gift ideas that are fully customisable and suits every budget. We deliver across India and even globally. .

Let the next best team after Santa handle your gifting concierge !


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