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Our First Advertisment went viral!

Updated: May 28, 2021

As short as a decade ago, creating an advertisement meant a huge fancy budget and usually, a big star associated with the brand but that is not the case anymore. Social media has enabled us to market ourselves (and our brands) with ease and reach to a bigger audience too.

Back in July 2019 when I started Jadoo Magic, we needed to hustle and create awareness in the market. An advertisement seemed to be the best bet to spread the word to a larger segment of people.

Raksha Bandhan was around the corner and we decided to bank this occasion to spread the word, as people indulge in gifting during these occasions.

So we took it upon ourselves to create an advertisement with all the bells and whistles of a great commercial but on a bootstrapped budget. We decided to use my room as the set and even I played a role in there to optimize the costs. The ad revolved around a brother and sister celebrating Raksha Bandhan and how the brother surprises her with a gift box. Simple script with emphasis only on personal sentiments. This appealed to the audience and that is our unique selling proposition too. Gifting with a personal touch!

Our hard work paid off as it did amazingly well online. The advertisement has garnered over 1.2 million views on You tube organically and was a huge success.

It not only helped us in our motive that year but will keep on doing so in all consecutive years as the ad gets viral around the Raksha Bandhan time every year.

This goes on to prove that if you can dream of a project , you definitely can achieve it too even with a bootstrapped budget .All you really need is some creativity and willingness to take the plunge.

So, go ahead and surprise your friends, family and colleagues with pre curated gift boxes from Jadoo Magic.


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