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How to decorate your Christmas Tree

The most wonderful time of the year is here, and we could not be more excited!

As we prepare to head on to Christmas day, we want to make sure that your Christmas Trees are decorated right. Here are some tips on how to decorate your Christmas Trees this season!

Invest in a high quality artificial tree: Well, over the past few years we have all heard how chopping down of Christmas trees is as has been a major issue. But, does that mean that the age old tradition of decorating your tree should stop? Not at all! Invest in a low plastic or plastic free artificial Christmas tree this season( big or small doesn't matter) Its the vibe that matters the most !

Design Around a theme: Another great useful tip that you can apply while decorating your Christmas Tree this season is to design the space around a theme (And no, don’t let the theme be “Just Christmas!”) Decorate your house and use colors of the theme you are choosing! For example, if your theme is a “White Christmas” choose nude or off white accessories as a base and give it a pop of red! Get some artificial snow or recycle cotton for some snowy indoors. Now, whose stopping you from creating a "Pink Christmas", Go creative , coz its the time to get merry !!

Start with the lights first: The lights are usually the most attractive yet the most cumbersome part of the Christmas tree. So start with the lights ! This enables you to decorate the rest of the tree based off how the lights look! Pro tip: re-use those Diwali lights that you put up this season for your Christmas Tree

Choose the right decorations: Christmas Ornaments can be a tricky topic, because of the wide variety of decorations already available. Choosing the right Christmas decoration can be a very confusing task. To make sure you are choosing the right décor, refer to tip no.2! Don't overdo the ornaments, keep it aligned with the size of the tree you have .

You can also go on the "make your own box" of and create your own gift box full of ornaments to pass on to your friends as Christmas Favours!

Spread the Magic ! Let the jingle bells rock !!


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