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How Jadoo Magic happened

I had always loved gifting people right from my young days because it gave me pleasure surprising

my loved ones. Even during those days when there was no internet or shopping malls and the only

way to buy something was a visit to a local shop, I always ensured that I would pick up something

that the person would cherish (even if it were just an audio cassette of a favorite singer)

Loved the twinkle in the eyes of the recipient when they unwrapped the gift to find something

awfully close to their heart. This gave me a sense of satisfaction! Goes without saying that even I,

loved receiving thoughtful gifts crafted exclusively for me.

This was the prime reason of starting the business…. To spread love and bring a smile on the faces of loved ones. To make it further interesting, I thought of incorporating the thrill of unboxing. I did a small research and spoke to many people (mostly random ones) and concluded that not only kids

even adults love the excitement of unboxing, unwrapping gifts and if there are multiple ones, the

curiosity is multifold.

So, I decided to embark on this new journey of starting a curated gifting platform where people

could find gifts which are thoughtful, unique and customized.

A Gifting Boutique with Customized , Pre-Curated Gift Boxes , Ready-to-Ship Gift Boxes for :

Corporates, Events, Weddings, Festivals, Clients , Lifestyle & more


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